About Us

Homemade from the Heart


Lizzie Dixon Designs is a small family business - we are a mother-daughters trio who adore the time we spend together creating meaningful personalized products that fulfill our passion for producing pieces that are as heartwarming as much as they are handy. Useful and unique, the items we sew are full of our love, and we pass that joy on to our valued customers.


Customised and creative, we take every piece to heart, just like the woman who paved the way for us to be where we are today…Lizzie Dixon, an artist at heart and the giving great grandmother who showed us how sewing can transform ideas into masterpieces. With her sharp skills and sentiments passed down to the next generations, we can now work wonders from our own workshop, bringing beautiful products to people who value hard work, handmade creations, and the feeling of family.


When you select from our collection, know that every stitch was sewn with a smile. We are proud of our work and appreciative of the customers who are delighted with every detail. As we sew by the countryside, the beauty of nature seeps into every stitch. When you bring this aura into your home, a little piece of Lizzie Dixon lives on.