feeling inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee

The Great British Sewing Bee love seeing Britain’s best and brightest sewers put to the test. As the contestants face challenges with charisma and creativity, the pressure is on but their passion pushes them through.


While your sewing skills may not be as sharp as those TV pros, they do serve as inspiration to practice your way towards perfection...or at least getting better bit by bit. And even if you never come close to the contestants in terms of talent, the fun of sewing is the best part of the process. Starting from scratch and completing a project takes patience and ends with pride, so get your sewing kit out and start stitching!


You can even compete in your own mini-version of the Sewing Bee at home. Gather some like-minded friends who love to sew and set up some doable sewing challenges for you all to work on. Perhaps you can swap the finished products with one another as “prizes.”


Don’t forget to tune in to the show and then catch the sewing bug yourself. Your next work of art will be homemade and from the heart.


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