Cwtch Cushion, Sheep in Jumpers and Duck Egg
Cwtch Cushion, Sheep in Jumpers and Duck Egg
Cwtch Cushion, Sheep in Jumpers and Duck Egg
Cwtch Cushion, Sheep in Jumpers and Duck Egg

Cwtch Cushion, Sheep in Jumpers and Duck Egg

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Cwtch Cushion

This quirky cotton fabric features an array of sheep motifs; each sheep is made up of different Duck egg and different patterns including pin stripes and gingham checks perfect for introducing subtle pattern and personality into your chosen room. With the word Cwtch embroidered on the side panel

All our cushions are hand made, double sided (unless indicated), and are cut from fabric on the roll so please be aware that design placement can vary slightly.

20" x 12"Lumbar/Oblong Cushion(other sizes are available).
Available as a cover only or filled with a quality synthetic or feather inner.

All our Cushion Cover are professionally finished with Overlocked seams and a zipped opening.

This pillow cover is available in many other colours and design.

Title: Cwtch Cushion

If I were to ask you what’s the most comfortable thing in the world, would you be able to answer it? 

You can’t, cause you haven’t tried our Cwtch Cushions! These fluffy little pillows offer comfort like you’ve never felt before.

Why Should You Choose Cwtch? 

  • Design. It features an embroidered cursive CWTCH that means (to cuddle) in the Welsh language. The minimal design is aesthetically pleasing and the expression is the best way to express your Welsh culture in your home. 
  • Originally Handmade And Authentic. Our Cwtch Pillows are handmade with great care to ensure you get the quality cushion that you deserve. 
  • Choose Your Fillings. You can choose if you want to order synthetic, polyester, feather, or no fillings at all. 
  • Extra Soft Cotton Fabric. Our pillow features an ultra-soft fabric that’s extremely velvety and smooth to the touch. Not to mention, the soft synthetic and feather fillings make it perfect for cuddles and can easily improve your naps. 
  • Supreme Durability. Designed with strong seams that allow the cushion to last for years. The fabric is also machine washable.

So if you’re looking for a safe place, a cuddle buddy, or just something to hug while you relax, then look no further than our Cwtch Cushion, a cushion that can improve your overall sofa experience. 

Order now for the best cushion out there! 

Though there’s a HUGE downside in buying this product…

You’ll get tired of everyone asking you where you bought it! 

Not to mention, it’s backed up by our 100% Money Back Guarantee!